Memories: capricious, elusive, joyous, treacherous, volatile; the history of our psyche 

carried in our hearts, our minds, our bones.   Like words spoken when no one else is 

present, they are entirely private. 

Consider dormant memories waiting to be recalled and how these recollections 

influence and transform the present. 

Now imagine each memory as a line in space.

Envision these lines collectively, tangled and intertwined. 

Add overlapping circles to this visual vocabulary, bearing in mind the historical 

significance of the circle as icon: perfection, wholeness, infinite timelessness and, 

conversely, instability, chance and uncertainty.

In my work, the surface is built by layering, scraping, embedding and excavating line 

and color.  The gesture of line interacts with the sensuous qualities of painting, 

weaving into the paint, submerging and resurfacing again and again. 

The resulting images are not meant to answer all questions, but rather to provoke 

thought and to act as a stimulus for further observations when we pause to be still.